Coronavirus Disease 2019 Updates
June 22, 2020 Message from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randal O'Brien


Goose Creek CISD Families,


First, I’d like to thank our students, our families, our staff and our community for their flexibility, patience and hard work during the spring semester. We have never before experienced anything like this pandemic. As your superintendent, I could not be prouder of the way you have handled each situation, whether it be online instructional training, lesson delivery or essential workers reporting to work during this crisis, you’ve all allowed us to pull together as we work through this unnatural event.


We all share in some level of anxiety about where we find ourselves, me included, as we map out our plans for returning to school this fall. Our district leadership team has been working hard on several options to consider. We will still be contingent upon the Texas Education Agency with their guidance on the reopening of schools, as well as our Governor’s executive orders which will also impact our course of action. We plan to release a tentative “Return to School” plan in early July. This plan will include many safety measures, operational precautions as well as classroom safety protocols. We are also sending out a district survey to our Goose Creek families, so that we can receive valuable feedback from you about the start of school.


Please know that our number one priority will be the safety of our students and staff, and our district will make each and every decision with that in mind. Goose Creek’s instructional focus is to develop the whole child, thereby enabling students to nurture their own fundamental ability to think independently, to organize their thoughts and opinions based upon facts learned and that will sustain their belief system supported by these very learning experiences.


Teachers and students alike, have called for the ability to learn in a face to face setting, which I believe is a natural reaction that reflects our human spirit. Teaching is much more than a transfer of knowledge as proposed by renowned psychologist Jean Piaget and the like. I believe It is the gift of hope for a better future. It is the confidence instilled in those who lack it. It is the assurance that none of us are alone in our plight. It is the corrective tone or look intended for a redirection, and yet the smile of approval for a job well done. In its simplest form, teaching is love. I want to thank our teachers for truly loving what you do. It shows!


We firmly believe that through this tragedy and chaos will come strength, refinement and efficiencies through technology that may enable us to demonstrate our capacity as a school district to excel and instill an even greater sense of pride within our very own community.


Again, we thank you for your support and patience as we finalize the details. Please be assured that we will communicate with you about our plans for returning to school as soon as possible. Be safe!


Dr. Randal O'Brien

Superintendent of Schools