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ABM and GCCISD Partner in Energy Conservation Project
ABM and GCCISD Partner in Energy Conservation Project

Photo by Carrie Pryor-Newman


ABM and Goose Creek CISD are partnering in a $43.7 million energy conservation project. Pictured are (from left) Mark Saunier, director – ABM BES business development; Mike Rasmussen, GCCISD energy, environmental and emergency manager; Cristina Stefanescu, ABM project manager and Dr. Randal O’Brien, Goose Creek CISD superintendent.


ABM and GCCISD Partner in Energy Conservation Project


By: Susan Passmore


In what may be the largest energy conservation project of its kind in Texas to date, ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, is implementing a $43.7 million customized solution for Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District in Baytown.


Through the savings provided by this Energy Performance Contracting program, Goose Creek CISD will cut energy and operational expenses, allowing the district to address infrastructure needs. The energy conservation program is unique in that district leaders teamed up to provide input for projects.


"It was my hope to bring together our construction team with maintenance, facility services (operations), technology and athletics to create a money-saving energy project that would positively impact the student learning environment and build school spirit for our community.'' said Mike Rasmussen, energy, environmental and emergency manager for Goose Creek CISD. 11The team built the project through comprehensive dialogue focused on the district's Core Values."


Another distinctive feature of the energy plan is that the artificial turf, installed on the playing fields at Goose Creek Memorial, Robert E. Lee and Ross S. Sterling high schools, also contributes to energy efficiency improvements. Not only does the artificial turf allow for water conservation, it requires less maintenance, saving on employee hours and other operational costs. The artificial turf also allows the fields to be playable after frequent rain events in this region.


By installing upgrades, including lighting, HVAC and controls as well as water conservation measures throughout facilities districtwide, Goose Creek CISD will realize substantial energy and operations savings. The projects are expected to save the district more than $1.1 million in energy and operating costs in the first year alone. Savings are predicted to climb during the life of the 15-year program, resulting in estimated savings of more than $31.7 million.


Improving the lighting and HVAC will enhance the learning environment for students and staff, which is always a priority for Goose Creek CISD. In developing a customized solution to take a long-term, comprehensive approach to upgrading district infrastructure, ABM considered district goals of controlling utilities and operational expenses while providing students with a higher quality learning environment.


"We are pleased to work with ABM to help conserve energy, decrease costs and ensure that our facilities are safe, comfortable and running efficiently for our students and staff. This program will allow us to make facility upgrades without impacting our capital budget," said Dr. Randal O'Brien, Goose Creek CISD superintendent. "I appreciate everyone involved for working together to create and implement this program to benefit the school district and our taxpayers."


Besides focusing on lighting, water conservation measures, HVAC and turf, the project will include installing building automation controls to allow maintenance needs to be remotely monitored and addressed. Installing window tinting at 23 schools and at the Goose Creek CISD Administration Building, along with improving ventilation and outside air intake systems at several facilities, sealing building envelopes to increase energy saving, control humidity and enhance occupant comfort, are additional features of the energy conservation program.


"We looked at the district's needs and pulled together numerous district decision makers to help us build a project that would improve the learning environment, promote spirit and meet the needs of our students while remaining fiscally prudent," Rasmussen said.