Closing Out One Year and Preparing for the Next


Goose Creek CISD is pleased to share an exciting update on our district. The 2024-2025 budget has been passed and we are proud to announce that we are on the road to a balanced budget. Despite the challenges we face with a lack of sufficient funding, our Board of Trustees tasked the administration to closely examine expenditures and implement necessary changes without diminishing the program offerings to our families. Their dedication to fiscal responsibility, while keeping the course offerings that we have become known for, has allowed us to achieve this significant milestone.


The Board also challenged the administration to provide a raise for all staff for the upcoming school year as a matter of retention and gratitude for persevering through one of the most challenging times in history. I am thrilled to report that we met this challenge and proposed a balanced budget, without any staff losing their jobs. This commitment to deliver the same high-quality education to our students and families has been the driving force.


As we look forward to the 2024-2025 school year, our focus on developing the whole child continues. We will do whatever it takes to support our teachers in their success, ensuring they will have the resources and training needed to excel in the classroom. The likely greatest frustration our teachers experience is the ever-changing method by which student assessments are developed, scored and reported. This summer, our district and campus leaders, as well as teachers, are deeply involved in data analysis and professional development to continue the work of our strategic plan. I know they will be excited to share their acquired knowledge of new concepts and strategies with their respective students and community, contributing to our collective success.


We recognize that as a public school district we are merely one of many choices that our families have. As an apolitical entity, we also hope that we may serve as a common ground that all parents can trust. We are doing everything in our power to provide them choices within our platform. The early college high school, technical preparatory high school, along with ten career academies spread across five high school campuses, as well as our virtual academy, provide a plethora of choices. Our teachers will continue to focus on the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of every student, fully recognizing our parents as true partners in this process.


I hope each of you are having a magnificent summer break. As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, let us find more in common than what separates us, through supporting our educational system which has helped us create the strongest nation on earth by keeping its focus on educating its citizenry with fidelity. Rest assured; our team is using this time to prepare for a fantastic school year ahead. We are committed to ensuring greatness for every student next year and look forward to welcoming everyone back. God bless our community, our state and our nation!


Dr. Randal O’Brien

Superintendent of Schools